Saturday, February 04, 2006
Last post we discussed several different XML markup languages for user interface definition looking for a candidate language for designing and constructing storyboards or at least assist in building a simple storyboard designer if no suitable storyboarding applications exist.  I hinted that I found a candidate.  It looks like XAML is good language candidate.  A concise overview of this technology can be read in a recent Forrester article called, WPF Will Dominate Rich Client Development.  Carl definitely gets it.

WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation which is Microsofts new user interface presentation technology that runs on Windows XP and Vista through WinFX runtime components. eXtensible Application Markup Application or XAML is the design-time language that is suitable for defining and construction user interfaces and workflows that are separate from code-hind (e.g. C#) as this is the code interface separation point, sometimes referred to as the plug-in interface. That means the user interface and workflow definitions are 100% portable and are distributed through a standard p