Saturday, January 21, 2006
Lets take a break from whats new in software development for 2006.  In Part 1 and Part 2 of why software industrialization, I discussed some basic concepts around what does software industrialization mean and why we need it. Software industrialization is designing and constructing software in a predictable and repeatable manner.  Software industrialization is also producing a software, of any sort, that actually meets the user communitys requirements, whatever and whomever they happen to be.  Thats it.
In our software industry, there is a still a tremendous gap between requirements (i.e. describing the intent of the software) and the actual software deliverable (i.e. executables).  In fact, if you look at and believe statistics, our numbers aint so good!  The reality is that, we as software developers or engineers, dont have any predictable and repeatable process for creating software and we dont get the software right the first time.  In fact, we may never get it all right.
I have been involved in the software development industry for 15 years and have worked for several companies both in Canada and the United States ranging from my own start-up company, that I co-founded with Barry Varga, called, 5by5Software, now Bridgewerx to the very large (Kodak, Motorola and lots in-between.  Each company had their own process for designing and constructing software.  These development processes ranged from fly by the seat of the pants to highly process controlled