Monday, December 19, 2005
In part 4, we discussed our application integration framework design pattern at the level of the Connection object.  A Connection represents a logical connection to each Application, and physically to the Applications Adapter.  A Connection contains 1 or more DataFlows.  A DataFlow is a collection object that contains 1 to 4 schemas (i.e. XSDs), 0 or more rules, and 0 to 2 maps depending on DataFlow communication type.
With respect to rules, for anyone that has used Microsofts Outlook Rules and Alerts functionality will recognize our GUI Rules Designer.  As mentioned in another post, its been done before, you just have to go look for it :-).  The Rules Designer contains a Rules Manager that allows the BA to add, edit or delete rules in an ordered list, a Rules Editor that allows the BA to declaratively make rules, A Fact Editor that allows a BA