Wednesday, October 12, 2005
In previous posts, I discussed, What is a Software Factory, BRIDGEWERX and Domain Specific Languages (DSLs).  DSLs are part of Microsofts Software Factory initiative using model driven development. 
This is how Microsoft defines DSLs and model driven development, there is a belief among those involved in software development that somehow, modeling can be applied to make their lives easier. Our vision is to change the way developers perceive the value of modeling. To shift their perception that modeling is a marginally useful activity that precedes real development, to recognition that modeling is an important mainstream development task and not an activity primarily focused on documentation. When models are regarded as first-class development artifacts, developers write less conventional code since more powerful application abstractions can be employed. Model-driven development is thus inherently more productive and agile. Moreover, others involved in development, from business analysts, architects, designers to network staff, and system management specialists, will perceive modeling as adding value to the tasks for which they are respons