Monday, October 10, 2005
There is an interesting web site called  From their about box: is a place to advocate, discuss, and practice the art of using less code to get more done. We shun complexity and challenge the status-quo when it impedes our ability to simplify our development tools and processes. We appreciate Python, Ruby, LAMP, REST, KISS, worse is better, and talk like a pirate day. is a loose federation of concerned hackers for web preservation and advocacy.

When I first came to, I thought it was going to be about more design and lesscode. However, it seems that the site is about people that really care about handcrafting excellent code. I can respect that, just different to what I though it was going to be about.
One of the topics of interest is a debate on scalability and what that means.  I think the issue of scalability is all about the design and has less to do with any particular programming language, application server, framework, or infrastructure. If the design (via the requirements) calls for the application to scale to x, y or z, with meaningful metrics, then it is up to the Architect to design an application, system, or whatever, to ensure the design meets the requirements. And btw, we are in the software world, we can make anything scale nothing that time and money cant solve in our virtual world.
However, there is also the issue around maki