Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Last post we defined what was meant by an on-demand application generator.  Lets look at a real world product.  This on-demand application generator for producing application integrations is called BRIDGEWERX (BW).
Have a look at BWs component architecture.  It consists of 3 subsystems.  These are an on-line Rich Internet Application (RIA) for defining (i.e. modeling) the application integration(s), an application generator for producing the application integration solution, and the runtime environment for executing the generated application integration(s).
The graphical user interface (BW Designer) is developed using Macromedias FLEX product.  The only requirement for running the GUI is a Flash plug-in (which you no doubt already have installed in your browser today. BW Designer is a modeling/drawing tool that allows a Business Analyst (BA) to model, draw and define application integrations on a drawing canvas where various levels of detail are represented by canvas layers.